Talk about creativity, persistence, and investment! People supported are clearly benefitting.

CPES CA house manager, Saleem, shared the following with us during one of My25’s proactive, routine check ins. Saleem mentioned that consumer YY was drinking at least 72 ounces of fluids each day. Saleem talked to the day program; they felt they could not limit YY since it was his choice. Saleem contacted YYs primary care physician and asked for an order to limit fluids. YY is now drinking only 2 beverages- 16 ounces each day.

In one month, YY has lost 12 needed pounds.

Additionally, YY always feels he wants second servings, so staff is now dividing the portions and offering half to YY, then giving him the other half later . . . this way, he’s getting seconds, but portioning is much improved.

Staff is using YY’s favorite fresh veggies to add to meals to encourage him to eat healthier. And to encourage YYt o eat fish (which he previously hated prior to My25), staff is adding YY’s favorite veggie—spinach—and then mixing it with rice. YY now enjoys and looks forward to this meal.

As a result of these changes and weight loss, YY is more active. Saleem bought YY a basketball hoop that he loves.

Additionally, Saleem talked with YY’s parents and encouraged them to get on board. Now, if YY goes off his plan, he knows that his parents will call Saleem and fill him in.

Congratulations, CPES CA. Staff, people supported, and leadership are slam dunking all day long.

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