Achieve Your Goals

Based on years of weight, diabetes and metabolic syndrome management successes for people supported throughout the U.S, we zero in on what establishes sustainable eat-better habit change—the key driver behind preventive health and reduced acute care/medication needs and expense. And interestingly, it isn’t all about food, which is a fundamental reason My25 isn’t like popular diet programs that rarely have staying power. Momentum, shared responsibility, and accountability take hold when tailored engagement and education embrace and leverage dynamics specific to the human services sphere.

There are 5 goals we help individuals, whole organizations, and households achieve through My25’s robust toolkit of resources that are ever mindful of time and budget constraints. In this way, eat-better habit change sustains.


Embracing better nutrition as a cornerstone of daily life is central to ongoing health. Our chef and nutrition experts create menus, grocery shopping lists and recipes so that eating better is easy, appealing and affordable for the whole household. We subscribe to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and focus on moderation versus deprivation; eating 25 grams of fiber each day; and plate portioning—whether eating at home or out—with 25% lean protein, 25% healthy starch, and 25% fruits and 25% veggies (or make that 50% veggies).


Knowledge is power. My25’s respected team of professionals works overtime to both create and uncover the most up-to-date information and helpful guidance. Through different tools in various multi-media formats, we provide streamlined and easy-to-embrace education. It isn’t enough that we suggest you fill half your plate with vegetables; we take it as our responsibility to help you figure out how to make veggies taste so good that you crave more broccoli and carrots.


You're more likely to eat the right foods in the right amounts when affordable fun is routinely in the mix. We help My25 subscribers create celebration and lasting memories around the dinner table and well beyond.


Relationships matter. The power of collective achievement is incredibly... powerful. When you get onto the wellness bandwagon with others in your life, you create shared responsibility and accountability for eating better. We help My25 subscribers forge this meaningful give and take by fostering connections and sharing/suggesting topics of conversation and experiences.


    Everyday influencers at home, work, school and day programs are preventive-health super glue, because they have the ability to rally the troops and galvanize change. We share ideas and proven tips so movers and shakers can step up as a motivational force.

    What Does "My25" Stand For?


    Your personal bandwagon fosters shared responsibility and accountability. This way, eating better sticks.

    Fiber Nerd

    The World Health Organization concludes that fiber is the super solution behind preventive health and longer life for most anyone.


    My25 focuses on food, because we have to eat our way out of overweight conditions. Together.

    The at-your-fingertips accessibility and usefulness of My25 Library will simply knock your healthy socks off.


    Improved Health

    Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.