Meal Prep & Food Safety

The key to eating better is understanding how to prepare and store foods in a skilled and safe way; we cover these essentials here.

Cooking & Foodie Terms/Explanation

A multi-media library of terms related to cooking, eating, and the kitchen. Never wonder again what “al dente” means, how to “blanch” foods, or what “chutney” is.

Sauce It Up

For meats, veggies and healthy starches that are on the drier side, your meal might benefit from some saucey oomph. We’re talking texture AND taste. We’ve got some suggestions . . .

Finger Foods

Suggestions for foods that can be picked up and eaten without using utensils.

Grilling Perfect Vegetables

Veggies equal fiber and healthy. Grilled veggies equal yummy. We have some tips for how to grill vegetables of all kinds to perfection.

How To Make Veggies Taste Good

A few simple, flavor-packed tips help you easily prepare the tastiest veggies on the planet. It’s a wonderful thing to LOVE the likes of broccoli and carrots.

Chop An Onion Without Tears

Healthy food is easier to eat when it's tasty. And onions help amp up flavor. But do you dread chopping and dicing because of the tears that inevitably fall during prep? We've found a solution that will work for you. Really!

Food Safety 101

You risk illness if you don't store/handle/prepare/serve food safely and at appropriate temperatures. There are a few simple steps you can take to avoid serious problems like food poisoning.

Mechanical Soft Diets (Including Puree)

We provide a general overview regarding basic mechanical soft diet information & guidelines. For more information, click here to see our Food Substitutes For Mechanical Soft Diets overview. And click here to see our overview for how to help feed and provide medications for an individual following a mechanical soft diet.

Food Substitutions For Mechanical Soft Diets

We provide a general overview regarding some food substitutions for individuals following a mechanical soft diet, including high-fiber options. Use this information along with our basic Mechanical Soft Diet overview; just click here. And click here to see our overview for how to help feed and provide medications for an individual following a mechanical soft diet.

Get Your Grill On

It's that time-so get your grill nice and hot. What better way to build your bandwagon of support than around the smoky flavors of BBQ? We offer up the best tips to make sure your grilling is safe and taste-perfect. Get cookin', people!

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