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We share stories told by human services professionals about their My25 experiences and outcomes. This way . . . you learn from others who understand that shared responsibility and accountability are the ticket when it comes to preventive health and reducing key expenses in households and for whole organizations. You'll learn a lot on these pages!

AHRC, NY Gets Their Gardening Tools Out

As if that’s not enough to do somersaults over . . . health is soaring due to My25 healthy menus and staff adhering to the program and being creative and supportive regarding better nutrition.

CPES AZ Doing a Blood Sugar Happy Dance

Amazing health improvement news . . .

KenCrest Spurs Engagement & Excitement

Now that’s what we’re talking about! KenCrest launched a contest among each of their My25 homes to create posters and banners to promote healthy eating and improved preventive health. And the winners are . . .


Talk about creativity, persistence, and investment! People supported are clearly benefitting.

Alvord Taylor Staff Gets Healthy, Too!

Since implementing the My25 program for people supported, we’re hearing from Alvord Taylor staff that they are personally improving their own health.

Skills of Central PA: Breaking News

SCPA sent out a press release to local media outlets and it oozes, “We’re leading the provider pack.” And they’re right.

Keystone Human Services Digging Away

Spearheaded by an enthusiastic and committed lead staff member, this setting is heading outdoors with their improved health.

The Adirondack Arc Consumer Creates “Chef’s Corner”

Based on this innovation, outcomes are going through the roof.

Easterseals NH: Top Down Enthusiasm & Focus Seal Success

When leadership kicks off My25 with commitment and creativity, a positive, sustainable change in mealtime habits and routines for both staff and consumers is MUCH more ensured.

The Arc Lexington Grabs Staff’s Attention

What better way to train than with “proof is in the pudding.”

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