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Stocking Up For My25

We’re often asked, “What should we stock up on as we get underway with My25?” We’ve got a list of some essentials that will get you going . . .

Best Foods for Anemia

Anemia is a condition that occurs when the body’s red blood cell count dips too low.

Hunger & Satiety

There are a number of ways for individuals to convey their hunger and fullness satisfaction. We share the information here.

About Diabetes

With growing numbers of people impacted by diabetes, it’s important to understand as much as possible about this chronic disease.

When Consumer Health Is Moving In The Wrong Direction

We share what is most helpful when it comes to reversing health moving in the wrong direction for people supported. You can also download the below list right here.

When Consumers Refuse To Eat Healthier Foods

The health of people supported rests on eating nutritious foods. But sometimes this is easier said than done. We have some tips to help!

GERD & What You Can Do About It

GERD is an increasingly common condition impacting diet and overall health for a lot of people. We provide a brief overview of GERD and what you can do about it.

High Blood Pressure & The Food You Eat

Plain and simple . . . what you eat impacts your heart health. The good news is that following My25’s guidelines for eating better can help lower blood pressure and reduce medications needed to control hypertension.

Lactose Intolerance

People with lactose intolerance need to follow specific dietary guidelines. We provide an overview and suggestions for how to manage this condition.

What Is Metabolic Syndrome?


Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is something wellness influencers and leaders should know about since it's serious, costly and negatively affects the health of almost 35% of American adults. And you guessed it... eating the right foods in the right amounts is a primary way to lessen risk for MetS.

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Fiber Nerd

The World Health Organization concludes that fiber is the super solution behind preventive health and longer life for most anyone.


Improved Health

Better health is at the crux of reduced, overall supports.