To help steer a healthy course when it comes to choosing the right foods in the right amounts on a daily basis, we provide information that's easy to understand and embrace.

Fruit Serving Sizes

As recommended by FNS and the USDA, we created a handy, dandy chart for you to understand healthy, individual fruit serving sizes.

KETO and My25

Experts weigh in on the KETO diet and concerns over potential, associated health consequences. We break it down simply, so it’s easy to understand what you’re getting into and how My25 differs.

One More Reason Fiber Rules

Fiber helps your microbes. Whaaaaat? Trust us … it’s all good (actually, way good) and we put it in easy-to-understand speak for you.

Helping Individuals with Autism at Mealtime

We provide suggestions for encouraging eating the right foods in the right amounts and enjoyment around mealtime.

Juice & Diabetes

For people with diabetes, it’s generally ok to have fruit juice in the morning. Really!

My25 Fundamentals

Better health can absolutely be achieved by following some easy fundamentals that we’ve repeatedly demonstrated are tried and true. Print these off and go to healthy town . . .

Eat Better In A Fast-Food Restaurant


We have 8 general tips for eating better in a fast-food restaurant. Suggesting that you avoid these establishments isn't realistic. We think it makes more sense to recognize that you have your favorites, while we arm you with a few tried-and-true pointers.

The Juicy Secrets of Fiber

Adding more fiber to your diet is one of the healthiest steps you can take to improve your wellness and control your weight. Really! It’s why we’re Fiber Nerds.

How To Make Veggies Taste Good

A few simple, flavor-packed tips help you easily prepare the tastiest veggies on the planet. It’s a wonderful thing to LOVE the likes of broccoli and carrots.

Free-er Foods, Low-Calorie Foods (with texture guide)

We help you figure out which foods to grab for munching between meals, staying a healthy course, and when you need to substitute one snack for another. We’ve compiled a list and noted which choices are coarse in texture and which are more smooth in texture.

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The World Health Organization concludes that fiber is the super solution behind preventive health and longer life for most anyone.


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