My25 Diet Values & Associated Education

Information for primary care physicians, nurses, dietitians, and licensors, with associated resources for staff and people supported.

Diet information below reflects per day values across 3 meals, 2 snacks, and all beverages.

In general, My25 menus apply to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, a moderation versus deprivation approach, and proper plate portioning. Our foundational core has been built through a partnership with the United States Dept. of Agriculture (USDA) and professionals from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.


Daily Values

about 1800 calories; 245 total carbohydrates or 210 net carbohydrates; 50g fat; 28g dietary fiber; 80g protein; 2100mg sodium; 270mg cholesterol

The carbohydrates are balanced throughout the day: 60 net carbs at breakfast, 60 net carbs at lunch, 60 net carbs at dinner, and two snacks each consisting of 15 net carbs.


Most health care professionals and licensed nutritionists consider My25’s Regular Diet to be low fat, low cholesterol, and low sodium and high fiber. Most health care professionals also consider My25’s Regular Diet to be low carb, compliant with ADA Diabetic Diet requirements, and appropriate for many people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.


Daily Values

about 1800 calories; 245 total carbs or 210 net carbs; less than 10g saturated fat; 28g dietary fiber; 80g protein; 2100mg sodium; less than 200mg cholesterol


To achieve these levels (fat and cholesterol, particularly), menus become more vegetarian oriented and contain leaner cuts of meats and more fish.


Daily Values

about 1800 calories; 245 total carbs or 210 net carbs; 50g fat; 28g dietary fiber; 80g protein;

1500mg sodium; 270mg cholesterol


To achieve this level of sodium, menus replace many of the deli sandwiches and use fewer processed foods.


Daily Values

about 1800 calories; 180 total carbs; 50g fat; 28g dietary fiber; 80g protein; 2100mg sodium;

270mg cholesterol


Most primary care physicians recognize our Regular Diet as meeting the needs of individuals with diabetes. This is a result of our low carbohydrate and high fiber values and constant carb characteristics. Many individuals utilizing My25’s Regular Diet achieve improved A1c levels and reduced or eliminated diabetes medications and/or reduced or eliminated pre-diabetes medications.

For Brittle Diabetics needs, we define a very low carbohydrate value as approximately 180 carbohydrates per day. We achieve this value by replacing simple carbohydrates with more complex carbohydrates (for example, whole wheat tortillas replace whole wheat bread for weekday lunch sandwiches).



My25 menus address GERD by eliminating many problematic ingredients, such as: tomatoes/tomato sauces, spicy foods/ingredients, acidic foods/ingredients, and more.


Daily Values

about 1500 calories; 210 total carbs or 180 net carbs; 50g fat; 25g dietary fiber; less than 70g protein; less than 2000mg sodium; 250mg cholesterol; less than 2000mg potassium


High potassium food items—such as beans, potatoes, bananas and spinach—are removed from menus.



Based on BMI, menu suggestions add calories primarily through additional fats, such as . . . drizzling olive oil and higher calorie salad dressings/sauces over starches and vegetables; drinking whole milk instead of 2% or skim; and utilizing high calorie nutritional supplements.

My25 menus regarding consumers needing to gain weight are always sensitive to those who need to lose weight in the same household . . . therefore, you will rarely see My25 menus suggesting double portions. Rather, we take a more subtle approach as noted above in order to maintain harmony in the household. It works!



My25 menus adjust for weight loss based on lowered calorie values prescribed by the primary care physician.

Additional Resources for Education Purposes

Menu changes at any time (person-centered choice rules!), no charge:

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The Basics

My25 Resources & Outcomes Overview Video

My25 Choice Training Video

• Exciting News About Mealtime . . . staff, people supported and guardians ask, “Why My25?”

(See further below at the tail end for how leading providers are answering this question.)

Whoa, Nellie! (why you can trust us)

Talking to Consumers About Making Responsible Food Choices

My25 Fundamentals (including proper plate portioning)

When Consumer Health Is Moving In The Wrong Direction

When Consumers Refuse to Eat Healthier Foods

The Therapeutic Report & How To Use It

(My25 sends the Therapeutic Report (portioning guidelines) weekly and it is customized for each setting.)

• ISPs . . . a whole series of ISPs (fast food, plate portioning, grocery shopping, kitchen safety, and more) can be found right here within the My25 Elevate Portal—search “ISP.”

PhotoStep Recipes . . . hundreds of task analyzed recipes pairing photos and text prompts to bolster confidence, independence, and skill building in the kitchen and around healthy mealtime.

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About Diabetes

Healthy Snacks For People With Diabetes

Low-No Concentrated Sweets Meal Plan

How To Use My25’s Nutrition By Daypart Report, In General and for People with Diabetes

(My25 sends the Nutrition Daypart Report weekly and it is customized for each setting)

Hi Protein, Low Carb Meal Plans

Concentrated Sweets Snack Replacements, With Equivalent Carbohydrates

What is Metabolic Syndrome?


GERD & What You Can Do About It

Lactose Intolerance

Lactose Intolerance

Snacks for Lactose-Free Needs


Fat-Fighting Foods

Belly Fat Busting

Mechanical Soft

Mechanical Soft Diets (Including Puree)

Snack Foods for People with Dysphagia

Gluten Free

Going Gluten Free

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Renal Disease

End Stage Renal Disease




Free-er Foods, Low Calorie Foods (with texture guide)

Best Bet Snacks

Surprisingly Delicious, High Fiber Snacks

Fast Food

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Finger Foods

Finger Foods (suggestions for individuals with tremors)

Nutrition Facts Label

How to Read A Nutrition Facts Label



The Scoop on Soda

Family Style Eating

Serving Family Style the Healthy Way

Enjoyment of Life

For budget and time sensitive ways to celebrate . . . after all, eating better is easier when fun is in the mix.

Footloose & Fancy Free

• When you just feel like Browsing Recipes or Whipping Up the Season.

“Why My25?” ask staff, people supported and guardians . . . here’s how leading providers are answering that question!

Our organization is taking an important next step toward health leadership excellence, so we can help people supported enhance their quality and length of life through positive, preventive health actions.

We’re partnering with My25. My25 is one of the only solutions—as a result of their respected team of preventive health, disease management, nutrition, human services industry, and culinary professionals (including a full-time chef graduate from one of the top culinary schools in the U.S. and long experienced at working with people with disabilities and supporting staff)—facilitating person-centered choice and substantially improved health for people supported via robust mealtime resources. My25 programs span the U.S. across 30 states in partnership with proactive, forward thinking human services provider organizations.

Because food is the key driver behind preventive health for most anyone, My25 focuses on eating the right foods in the right amounts, subscribing to moderation versus deprivation and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Our partnership with My25 centers on customizing menus for each household based on food likes/dislikes, dietary needs, and the routines of each setting. No two settings have the same menu, and menus are refreshed every 35 days to reflect the season and celebrations on the calendar. Favorite, personal recipes from staff, people supported and family can be included in the My25 menus!

To be clear . . . My25 doesn’t supply food. They deliver weekly content in the form of menus, grocery shopping lists, recipe prep steps, and education and engagement resources centered on nutrition, preventive health, enjoyment of life, and independent living skills development. Many of their multi-media resources are available to our entire constituency (that means families, guardians, and case managers, too—many of whom report improving their own health, as a result).

My25’s Support team is in regular communication with staff (and consumers and family members if they would like!) regarding questions, guidance, and ways to tweak menus to address evolving food preferences and improving health status whether needing to gain, maintain, or lose weight. As health improves, people supported are much more likely to engage in enhanced physical activity and embrace community, socialization, and job opportunities with greater frequency and success. All goals we are committed to furthering.

There is increased attention being paid to the costly, out-sized poor health of people with disabilities that is now being demonstrated as changeable via improved nutrition. Human services providers, including SPIN, will be held accountable for the health status of the people we support. We are proactively going the extra mile by choosing a partner—My25—that adheres to person-centered choice and has an impressive track record of success.

You can learn more at the My25 web site at: and through My25’s web-based/mobile-optimized engagement/education Portal of multi-media resources, available on-demand and in 81 languages, at:

We hope you are as excited as we are by our organization’s commitment to health leadership excellence and the directions we’re moving in as an innovative, progressive organization on behalf of the vital people we support.

Shoot us a question. Anytime! We’ll get back to you pronto.

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