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If the troops aren't used to seeing you wear a baseball cap during the day—we say, "Hooray, you'll stick out like a sore thumb!" When your cap touts, "Fiber Nerd," you send an oh-so-important message. Remember: Everyday influencers (the head honchos at home, work and school) galvanize enthusiasm and staying power for wellness like no one else. Yes, you are preventive health super glue.

And it only takes a little bit of effort for everyday influencers to create monumental traction—like donning that Fiber Nerd cap every so often. You're probably asking, "How can this be?"

The answer is actually pretty straightforward and makes a whole lot of sense. Your ability to be influential comes about as the result of various factors—including being the one in charge, holding the purse strings, and being responsible for steering the fate of others. Because of this "power," influencers carry weight when they encourage certain behaviors and habits.

Recognizing this incredibly simple—but potent—dynamic, My25 decided to help make it easy, affordable and fun to be encouraging by providing tips in this Step Up section of the My25 Portal.


You can see from our tried-and-true suggestions that it doesn't take a lot of money and overblown hoopla to help the people you care about and value to eat better and improve their preventive health. Rather, it takes you, an everyday influencer, wearing that Fiber Nerd cap and talking about what you ate last night when you portioned your plate with veggies that were packed with flavor. And handing out My25's Famous Bump-Up-Veggie-Flavor Chart and Fiber One bars to grab even more attention and reinforce the message further.

See... simple! Why not try proving us right by donning that cap to see what kind of eat-better momentum you can stir up?

Shoot us a question. Anytime! We’ll get back to you pronto.

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