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We share stories told by human services professionals about their My25 experiences and outcomes. This way . . . you learn from others who understand that shared responsibility and accountability are the ticket when it comes to preventive health and reducing key expenses in households and for whole organizations. You'll learn a lot on these pages!

SPIN Has Grit & A Brand New Dress

Judy Dotzman, Executive Director, commends the diligent efforts of SPIN’s team and collaboration with My25 for the cool news and stellar outcomes we recently uncovered in a conversation with a very enthusiastic and dedicated house manager.

KenCrest Staff Rolls Up Their Sleeves

. . . coming together to create momentum around helping people supported eat the right foods in the right amounts.

RSI Demonstrating That Better Health is Possible Across the Board

During recent, proactive outreach by My25’s Support team to one of RSI’s community-based settings in North Carolina we learned some great news.

ResCare NJ: House Managers & DSPs Collaborating Leads to Stellar Outcomes

Consumers are reaping the benefits because these dedicated house managers and staff members respond to our outreach and are proactive about getting in touch.

ResCare Clarksburg Equals Bullseye!

House Supervisor Shaun reports that he “loves My25.” “It’s a great tool not only for staff but for helping individuals supported with a healthier lifestyle.”

Clearbrook Benefitting People Supported Left & Right


Arc Herkimer Peels Back Layer After Layer

There is so much good news here on so many different levels . . . it basically speaks to the multiple layers of support and benefit My25 delivers when the program is embraced and utilized by outstanding organizations like Arc Herkimer.

Brandi’s Hope Confirms: Outcomes Flow From Engagement

The Willena Circle house manager is responsive and proactively engaged with My25. As a result, My25’s Support team is able to implement important changes that lead to outcomes achievement across the board.

Crossing T’s & Dotting I’s

Easter Seals Blake Foundation house managers report that My25 has set foundational pieces in place for staff, people supported, and the organization as a whole.

Smooth Move, Living Resources

Living Resources does it AGAIN. They’re wowing us with their Employee Wellness Fair and how they incorporated My25, pizazz, and healthy. WOW!

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